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Nominations for the Palestine Book Awards 2022 are now open.

Books considered for the Palestine Book Awards must be nominated by publishers, authors, or chosen by the judges themselves. In order to submit a title for consideration, please check the eligiblity criteria, complete the form below, and post at least one copy of the book to us before the close of nominations.

The eligibility criteria for titles are as follows:

  • Deadline for nominations is 15 May 2022
  • Books must be either originally written in English, or a translated English edition must be readily available
  • All books must be published between June 2021 and May 2022 (when the initial shortlist draft will be drawn up)
  • Hard copies of the book must be sent to: Each of the 6 Judges addresses, 1 copy to the trustee's address and 1 copy to the Middle East Monitor office (addresses will be sent once nomination is confirmed)
  • Books can be works of fiction or non-fiction (multi-authored books will also be considered)
  • Poetry anthologies will also be considered, although the publishing date restrictions do not apply in this case

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