Unholyland: the trilogy

Unholyland: the trilogy
Publisher: Skyscraper Publications
Published Date: May 2016
ISBN-13: 978-1911072027

Through the story of two lovers, Mosh and Jalilah, this verse novel encapsulates the personal tragedy of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Set in the popular music culture of modern Palestine, using rap rhythms and the sonnet form, Aidan Andrew Dun’s new book is verbally accomplished and rhythmically creative, and yet gripping to read as the story unfolds in a fast-moving narrative of twists and turns. From a first meeting in an underground dive in the galilee, through Jalilah’s home life in Sabra and Shatila camp, and Mosh’s capture and interrogation by Israeli security, the story builds to a climax in an improvised music gathering in the Sinai desert.


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