From shared life to co-resistance in historic Palestine

From shared life to co-resistance  in historic Palestine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield International
Published Date: November 2017
ISBN-13: 9781783489640

This book argues that in studying the elimination of native life in palestine, the loss of arab-jewish shared life cannot be ignored. Muslims, christians, and jews shared a life in ottoman palestineand in a different way during british rule. The attempt to eliminate native life involved the destruction of arab society, but also the racial rejection of arab-jewish sociabilities, of shared life. Thus the settlerist process of dispossession of the arabs was complemented with the destruction of the social and cultural infrastructure that made arab-jewish life a historical reality. Can this understanding contribute to present-day palestinian resistance and a politics of decolonisation? The authors address this question by exploring how the study of elimination of shared life can inform arab-jewish co-resistance as a way of defying israel’s zionist regime. Above and beyond opposing an unacceptable state of affairs, this book engages with past and present to discuss possible futures.


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