The Wandering Palestinian

The Wandering Palestinian
Publisher: Bhc Publishing
Published Date: November 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-64397-130-8

Anan Ameri’s new book The Wandering Palestinian (bhc press 2020) is beautifully written in the tradition of Arab story telling. It’s humorous and poignant vignettes travel the reader to Beirut, Detroit, Washington DC, Cambridge Massachusetts, and Jerusalem. It successfully interweaves the forty-year personal narrative of a free spirited Arab woman who arrives to the USA in1974, with the larger issues of migration, racism, sexism, and community building. Readers will have an intimate insight into Palestinian activism, and the Arab American communities struggles, hopes and aspirations to find their rightful place in the American mosaic. These are also personal stories of love and a failed marriage, struggle with depression and therapy, as well as activism and grassroots organizing that lead to the creation of the Palestine Aid Society in1978 and Arab American National Museum in 2005. Be ready to learn, laugh and cry.