The Sniper, the Shopkeeper and Sami

The Sniper, the Shopkeeper and Sami
Publisher: Paragon
Published Date: May 2021
ISBN-13: 978-1-78222-846-2

A suicide bombing in Jerusalem brings Medad, a 20-year-old Israeli Defence Forces sniper, and Hani, a young Palestinian shopkeeper, into each other's lives. Their lives will become deeply intertwined in a peace process.

Ayshaa, Hani's wife, wants a different life for her little girl Rena and begins working with other Palestinian organisations to empower women with the risk of religious and cultural tensions.

As the story unfolds, there is the inevitable role for Chuck, the American diplomat; Abd Alraheem the Palestinian traitor; Larry the CIA contact, Angra Mainyu, the Iranian 'diplomat' based in Lebanon and Sami, the teenage blogger from Gaza.

A well-connected, yet shadowy Israeli hard right-wing group also begins to take matters into their own hands to even up the odds, as they see it. What will Hamas do? Who will win? Who will lose? Who will survive?