Palestine on the Air

Palestine on the Air
Publisher: University Of Illinois Press
Published Date: November 2019
ISBN-13: 978-0-252-08485-0

Few doubt the pro-Israel bias of the Western media. It takes the form of overtly supporting Israel’s government policies, or of maintaining neutrality or silence on issues of Israeli violence, occupation, and settlement expansion. Scholar and activist Karma R. Chávez collects eleven interviews that allow dissenting voices a forum to provide rarely heard perspectives on the Palestinian struggle for justice, land, and self-determination.
This volume in the Common Threads series is a supplement to the Journal of Civil and Human Rights. The conversations within took place on a radio program (A Public Affair on WORT) Chávez hosted from 2013-16. There, journalists, activists, academic figures, authors, and Palestinian citizens of Israel shared a wide range of thoughts and experiences. Participants
covered topics that include: everyday life for Palestinians in the West Bank and in Israel; the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement that arose in response to Israel’s ongoing actions; the Steven Salaita controversy at the University of Illinois; the pro-Palestine social movement on college campuses; Israel’s pinkwashing of human rights abuses; the aftermath of the 2014 attack on Gaza; and Chávez’s 2015 visit to the West Bank.