Baba, What Does My Name Mean?

Baba, What Does My Name Mean?
Publisher: Tablo Publishing
Published Date: March 2020
ISBN-13: 9781922381019

When Saamidah, a young Palestinian refugee, is asked by her friends what her name means, she isn’t quite sure what to say. She turns to her baba for some answers – but what she gets is an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Join Saamidah in a lyrical journey, with gorgeous illustrations, that brings to life her beloved homeland and celebrates the richness of her cultural heritage and the determination to return. A beautifully illustrated book that can be uniquely enjoyed by children of all ages, as well as adults!


Reviewed by: Omar Ahmed

Most people would agree that it is important for parents to instil a sense of national and cultural identity in their children in order to preserve their heritage for future generations, especially for those from immigrant or refugee families. The Palestinian diaspora and others living in the western world are no exception.  There aren’t...