The Telltale Leaflet

The Telltale Leaflet
Publisher: Author House
Published Date: September 2018
ISBN-13: 9781546297536

This book is a political and literary work as a Palestinian-talking document. It’s a testimony to the history of the struggle and defence of the Palestinian issue. The book reveals the false narrative the Palestinian people have exposed to, whether it came from the supporters or the enemies of the Palestinian issue. This book is an explanation of my autobiography, and I made a pledge to myself that I would reach for the independence of Palestine and liberate every atom of soil in its lands. Some may think that this dream is elusive, but I can confirm that this dream is very close through my coexistence of the issue and knowledge of all the details from my childhood to this day. This literary work covers a political struggle starting from Palestine, specifically from Bab Al-Amoud. The incident changed my life. It then moves through Lebanon and most of the Arab countries until the struggle brings me to Stockholm. All this is so that every Palestinian and every human being feels safe and respectful in order to build and develop societies in all fields, establishing natural relations between countries and their people.


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